Tony Molina, “Change My Ways”

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tony molina

Legendary Bay Area cult musician Tony Molina has his hands in everything: whether he's playing hardcore with Dystrophy or Caged Animal, or working on his solo material (which has a grungey, bedroom vibe to it), or being at the helm of Ovens, Molina is something of a notorious figure, a prolific musician in a time when laziness is easier. While Molina recently released his Six Tracks EP, his next output will be a reissuing of Dissed and Dismissed, his fantastic first solo album. Slumberland will put the record in a repressing from SF's Melters on March 25; the first song (and one of my personal faves), “Change My Ways”, is streaming below.

In the next year, Molina will put out a new solo album, also out on Slumberland, so keep an eye out for that.