TOYC & Timbah, “Mountain Dew”

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For our friends across the pond, kuduro-loving Carnival is coming. And as such, Nottingham-bred buds TOYC and Timbah have mixed a crazy, Carib-influenced track appropriately dubbed “Mountain Dew” for Nightwave‘s Heka Trax summer series.

Featuring wonky scratch effects, woozy synth lines and an infectious zouk-influenced flavor, it’s a fun, fizzy banger that’s almost as bright and bubbly as it’s namesake. And we’re not talking the regular stuff, because this stuff could pretty much be called the Baja Blasts of buzzy summer street bangers.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Glaswegian producer DJ Milktray has also provided a turned down take on the track. Lending it a much darker feel, his remix is a subdued, space-laser shooter that features a rather minimalist approach with a focus on deeper synths and fuzzy percussive elements. Cop the Carnival for free via Soundcloud below.