Track x Track: Archie Alone – S/T

Nobody does alt/emo/post-hardcore quite like bands out of the tri-state. Enter NJ-based quartet Archie Alone who pack a wallop of sound and powerful emotions.
Their new, self-titled EP examines relationships, loss and grief with towering guitars and diverse rhythms as each song swells and bursts across different tension lines.
To celebrate the release of the EP, out tomorrow via self-release, we had Archie Alone break it down for us track by track. Stream Archie Alone below, pre-order it here and catch them tomorrow at their record release show at The Meatlocker in Montclair, NJ w/ Entia, Control & Only Sibling.

Crawl is about growing up and adapting to the changes that are beyond our control. All we can do is try to find the things that keep us wanting to move forward.
Motives is about trying to establish genuine friendships/relationships but figuring out that most people are not interested in reciprocating that same type of altruistic outlook. A majority of the time there is some type of ulterior motive set in their minds.
Mend deals with being hurt and then picking up the pieces to put yourself back together. Sometimes we can find that type of repair in meeting someone who helps make us become whole again.
Anchor talks about the anger one feels in dealing with loss. Our whole lives we are taught to believe that everything will work out as long as we work towards making the things we want happen. Anchor is the struggle of feeling hopeless after experiencing loss and the willingness to look forward and continuing on.
“Heavy Hearts”
Heavy hearts is the stage of grieving where the anger has settled. Now we can start to mourn and think about what has happened. It deals with the concept of death and feeling confused. Wondering about the algorithm of life that takes some of us away from our loved ones, but leaves the rest of us here to carry on.
Generations is about remembering those who we have lost. It’s an acknowledgement to those who have passed in our lives and having their memories continue on through us.