Track x Track: Future Joy – S/T

Blending elements of funk, jam and all things electronic, Denver-based duo Future Joy are one of the more exciting prospects coming up in a city full of great talents. Today, they have released their debut, self-titled full length which brings their brilliant sonic blend to life. To celebrate the release of Future Joy we had the band break it down for us track by track.
Check it all out below and be sure to keep up with all things Future Joy here.

“Funtion Junction” started with a PALM SPRING beat, one of the most hip hoppy tracks on the album. Then Zaxophone laid some Bari Sax and we had a chill hop instrumental. Annabelle came along and effortlessly freestyled over the top, giving the Function to Junction.
“Thirsty” is more on the trap house side of things. Frederic and Zach made the beat. Zach laid Bari in the intro and Tenor over the drop. We simply added the sound of a can opening, Annabelle whispering ‘thirsty,’ a nice exhale, and “Thirsty” was born!
“Show Up” is probably our heaviest song, pretty straight ahead dubstep. Tyler Layers made the beat and Zaxophone screamed Tenor Sax over the top. We named it Show up because in the music industry, half of the struggle is just getting people to show up.
“At The Party” started with a Teddy Bogart beat, very jazzy piano and a trappy beat. Zach recorded his sax in one take and Teddy cut and edited like a wizard to get the final product.
“In The Morning” is another Teddy Bogart original. A smooth tenor sax take from Zaxophone and another clean edit from Teddy Bogart.
“Up All Night” is the first beat Frederic and Zach made together. Originally called whale song because of the whale calls in the intro, we really didn’t know how to finish the song. When Annabelle heard it she knew she could freestyle on it, but with a slightly more ‘hook’ oriented vibe. One take and she nailed it. Then we went in the studio to get things dialed in and record clean vocals with harmonies. The lyrics are about a girl Annabelle was dating at the time of the recording session. Long story short the girl liked the late night hours.
“Sabre Tooth Laser Whiskers” is another heavy hitting dubstep beat written by Tyler Layers. Zach went in with some long tenor sax notes floating over the aggressive bass synth. It really ties in that jazzy sax sound with the electronic synthesizers of the beat quite well.
“Future Joy” is the song that named the group. A beat written by PALM SPRING, with smooth tenor sax by Zaxophone. It’s a vapor wave song, but not many vapor songs have sax, so we like that unique aspect.
“Clamber” is our longest song and while it is still vapor wave, it has some rock influence. PALM SPRING made the beat, Zach wrote some tenor sax melodies and Jessica Love Jones freestyled over the top in one take. Zach edited her vocals and we went in the studio to clean it up. Clamber means to climb. We like this as our last song on the album as the lyrics mention “climbing out”, climbing towards Future Joy!
Thanks for your time,
Zach Simms and Frederic Park
Future Joy