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Trauma Harness advent calendar

Trauma Harness live ambiguously tucked in that joyous space between pop and the lowest-of-lo fi. The tape crackles and warbles (even in the digital representation), where no amount of reverb and distortion is too much. The sort of lack of detail that could only come with extreme obsession; this collection of 18 songs may be lo fi, but don’t call it under-produced.

The Advent Calendar cassette, released on December 9 by Already Dead, excites the senses the way bands like LiveFastDie, Butthole Surfers, PC Worship or Say No! To Architecture do. Similarly, Trauma Harness’ music seems fit for the cult listener—appropriate given their name (and the Tremors sample slipped in there). Hailing from St. Louis, they might be best summarized by Already Dead’s Ray Jackson:

Trauma Harness bring bursts with sounds that reminisce an excited gloom—like a “no school day” but with the most horrendous of weather conditions eerily sweeping around outside.

Stream Advent Calendar below. You can purchase it on cassette from Already Dead and Bandcamp.