Tredici Bacci Releasing a Record with Gary Wilson – Release Show This Friday at Our Wicked Lady

Post Author: JP Basileo

What happens when a prodigious experimental musician virtually has an entire orchestra at their disposal? The illustrious Gary Wilson has joined forces with Simon Hanes’ compositional/conductorial brainbaby Tredici Bacci, whose bossa nova funk genius provides a perfect backdrop for his incensed lyrical machinations. Bass and keys fire off like a freshly opened bottle of seltzer, the rhythmic pairing floating in ether over a jazzy drum kit. Other melodic accompaniments reveal themselves more gradually, cool-hand saxophone and lovely backing vocals crescendoing like a meteorite’s shimmering entry into the atmosphere. Wilson mimics the keys in his iterations, his lyrics as poetic and mysterious as though he’s livestreaming his actual dream. “When you walk into my dreams, sometimes I feel like god forgot me,” he states. “Sodium pentothal / your look goes on like a makeout party.” Brief reliefs interject the stream of unconsciousness; a liquid keyboard solo here, an intangibly aerial guitar there, as though to zone out on zoning out. The whole track, and, more than likely, the whole album, jives. No other word for it.
Tredici Bacci is hosting the release show for the record, appropriately titled Another Lonely Night In Brooklyn, this Friday, September 22, at Our Wicked Lady. Support from Material Girls and Brett Davis. Not to be missed!