Tree Blood's self-titled EP

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Tree Blood EP

We highly suggest being barefoot for Tree Blood's fall tour. The band is heading west in September and given “Toe Cancer”'s refrain of “this little piggy went all the way home”, a barefoot romp session of toe-counting and wiggling should happen in each living room the band graces.

Tree Blood is Simon Brooks and Colin Wilkinson, two pop punkers from Minneapolis. The duo recorded its self-titled debut EP for MJ MJ Records in one sweeping take of unfiltered madness. Are they channeling ancient haunts of beer-fueld, basement recording sessions a, la The 'Mats' Hootenanny? Hell to the fucking, yeah! Though Tree Blood is cranked up considerably higher and pissier, like a frost bitten Titus Andronicus. This is the band that can pull into Anywhere, USA, plug in and send teenagers (and journos in the twilight of their 20s) into a hormonal frenzy of sweat and bliss, aka our new favorite band.

Buy Tree Blood's self-titled EP in limited edition black cassettes via MJ MJ Records.