Tripletrain, Try To Believe / Never Could Be Pt.1 Remixes

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Nearly a year ago Tripletrain previewed the “Try To Believe” single via our Friday Night mix series with the “Low-Tek NYC Mix”. It launched the hour plus mix and I was quick to note the track struck a “balance between sounds synonymous with urban commute and the vaporous voices in the ether that make a city alive and inspiring.” While the 45″ released via Baltimore-based label ARAÇÁ Records initially forgoes the collaborative spirit of Tripletrain and the TEK Life crew, today’s unveiling of the “Try To Believe / Never Could Be Pt.1” remixes sets the train back on its proper course.

Tripletrain enlisted Sick Shoota, Celestial Trax, DJ Bark Lee, and Ikonika to rework their single. The project spans continents and sub genres to reimagine “Try To Believe” and “Never Could Be Pt.1” as icey Hyperdub footwork, breakneck mutated new jack swing, and a form of robotic juke that simulates hydraulic pistons and the rapid fire of jack hammers. Tripletrain maintain no singular vision for their footwork foothold. The remixes invite worldwide collectives and subgenres like RinseFM, Dutty Artz, and Hyperdub to keep the evolution active and limitless.

Tripletrain’s Try To Believe / Never Could Be Pt.1 45 is out now on ARAÇÁ Records. Purchase the digital remixes here.