True Neutral Crew, “Modern Art”

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Deathbomb Arc supergroup True Neutral Crew recently released “Modern Art,” a perplexing, decidedly nonconformist statement on contemporary artistry. The group exhibits their characteristically-ambitious experimental sound on the track, meshing a catchy, incongruous Gary Numan-meets-Beach-Boysesque chorus against an uproarious tsunami of sound. One can almost feel the synths sawing through the blissful guitar play

The track could easily exist as a standalone work, yet Daveed Diggs, Signor Benedick The Moor, and Brian Kinsman offer their vocals. Each MC meets the train-off-the-tracks vibe of the production with rapid-fire lyricism. It’s as if the group is whirling pointed references on contemporary artistry like Frisbees in a hurricane, fighting with the chaotic soundscape for control.

The group has described their sound as “nuanced and psychedelic rap tracks perfect for sluggish, drugged-out hot summers.” One can expect similar sonic ingenuity from their debut project “soft rules,” which is due on July 26th.

You can stream  “Modern Art“ below.