True Womanhood pens a new one for the devil

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Maybe Team True Womanhood should have submitted this track to the World Cup compilation where their other ode to Slovenia got rejected on grounds of sounding like “a chant to the devil.”

This song, “Nite Prowlers”, might be a bit witchy compared to their straighter shoegaze-rock-wall material (you can't be faulted for mistaking those 808 snares for anything but a Salem fly-by), but it's kind of like they shifted their 90s interests from Slowdive to Thom Yorke. That's ok, right?

Fun fact – much of the sonic texture from the track comes from “samples we made by clanging pieces of metal around in a mile-long sewer tunnel.” Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Slovenia.

True Womanhood, “Nite Prowlers”