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T.Shirt Rich Hours

Queens rapper T.Shirt closes his THE FUCK record, an EP that should have been an #ApprovedTheft and Best of January album, with “Success To Me”, a last words track that states, “success is getting rich with your best friends”. The track is a lead-in to T.Shirt's latest record RICH HOURS, which once again redefines success as a richness in life.

I named the album RICH HOURS because more and more I consider my time here well spent. I heard Cam once talk about his money year, the year everything changes I assume. I haven't had one yet but there are these days I feel rich. Rich with passion, rich in blessings, in friends, in talent, in love, in motherfucking gall. Just rich.

With production from Leggo, Dr. Zygote, and Steel Tipped Dove, T.Shirt's RICH HOURS is a dense record of claustrophic New York rap. T.Shirt is grinding his teeth into each song with a smart mouth, equally smart ass and creatively wise. On “Kick Rocks” he lays out his stance on meaningless small talk (“we don't have each other's number / keep it under… / 30 seconds, boy”), while “The Word Nigga” asks people, no matter their color or upbringing to stop pulling the race card, since “if racism is real let it live in a racist heart”. RICH HOURS is a gritty record, but T.Shirt lightens the mood with cuts like “Wife Swapping” (“Everybody needs a little break from each other / It's like your kicks / Sometimes you gotta change up the color”) and “Audio Porno”, which has T.Shirt doing dirty work and getting caught up in the mesmerizing allure of a midnight blue dress.

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