Twin Ritual "Hand Through The Mist"

Post Author: Joseph Anthony Evans

Twin Ritual is an Indie Rock band from San Diego, CA. Impacted by Disco Pop, Post Punk, and Synth Pop. Debut EP and Single Angry were produced by Dave Trumfio who has produced bands like OK Go, Jesus and the Mary Chain and Built to Spill. “Hand Through The Mist” is the first song written by the band based out of synth and bass ideas. The band formed by Laura Levenhagen (vocals ), Anthony Ramirez (bass) ( member of Glass Spells well known band in the San Diego underground scene) Nathan Leutzinger (guitar) and  Lionel Hernandez (drums). Hand Through The Mist is about leaving youth into adulthood. Even though you feel the youth inside you.

Twin Ritual brings us those fetching air guitar tones that will travel through your ears. They take the bass guitar for a pop walk, while the sonorous and dreamlike vocals from Levenhagen achieve sincerity.