Two Main Attrakionz records drop

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Main Attrakionz

Main Attrakionz are dropping Bossalinis & Fooliyones in two months, but in the meantime the Greenova camp flooded its Bandcamp with their first records since June. His first solo record since Back $ellin Crack, Squadda B's (or is it Hollywood Squad now) I Declare War record is a quick affair, but should be heard for Squadda rhyming over the “Deep Cover” beat.

Mondre M.A.N. and producer NEM270 made a cupcaking record entitled Rhythm & Zone. NEM270 crafts a sound thats pure sex, like throwing on some Isley Brothers, keeping the room candlelit, and somehow there's steam or smoke or just a musk in the air. Although Mondre keeps it Greenova throughout Rhythm & Zone, as he's looking for a chick that's born to roll and not just some trophy chick that can't hang with his regiment.

With two summer solos in the bag, Main Attrakionz reunite for Tag Champz Bundle. With production from Friendzone, Ahyve, BK Beatz and YS, Tag Champz Bundle is, what appears to be, a collection of loosies curated by Ryan Hemsworth that didn't make the cut for Bossalinis & Fooliyones – we're assuming here. At 23-tracks deep it's a staggering amount to digest at once, but focus on tracks like “Like Good Soul Food”, “Love U”, and “To My Grave” as some of the collection's choicest of offerings.

Main Attrakionz' Bossalinis & Fooliyones is out October 23 on Young One Records.