Your new Big Troubles

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Big Troubles, "Bad People" b/w "Drastic and Difficult" cover

Olde English Spelling Bee's starting up a new 7-inch series, beginning with New Jersey's Big Troubles.

Sample two of the four bummer scuzz tracks now and visualize that the sounds magically unfolding from your mp3 generator are really spinning at 33 rotations per minute on vinyl under the gentle touch of the stylus, because that virtual bliss you feel now could be realized in analog. The choice is yours.

Buy it here. It's officially out June 28 but is already shipping.

Look out for more in the new OESB 7-inch series, including releases from Ducktails and James Ferraro. Also look out for Julian Lynch and Pigeons LPs, to also be released June 28 on the label.

Big Troubles, “Bad People”

Big Troubles, “Drastic and Difficult”