URCHN & Shiloh Dynasty – Never Even Seen Me EP

Post Author: Kaya Haskins

Lofi beatmakers join forces on lush, soothing new record

URCHN and Shiloh Dynasty are premier musicians who are currently anchoring the internet’s wondrous lofi hip-hop beat-making scene. With a prolific string of releases under each of their belts over the last few years, the two producers have now combined forces on a brand new EP, Never Even Seen Me, which contains five tracks of lush, placid musical bliss.

Both artists bring their vocal and instrumental skills to the table while blending ethereal, flickering digital beats with zoned-out indie textures. Softly rendered drum machines, plucky acoustic riffs, bleary synth notes, a bevy of samples, and carefully measured falsetto vocals waft through effervescent, night-calling anthems “Don’t Go” and “Solo 4 So Long.” The record concludes on a pulsating, wide-eyed re-working of “Pure Imagination,” the Gene Wilder-sung hit from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. URCHN and Shiloh Dynasty’s Never Even Seen Me is a dreamy and chilled-out listening experience, which you can embark on below: