Vaguess, Simpler Times LP

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Refry Records, a label whose forefronted mantra is “SORT OF DEDICATED TO PUTTING OUT STUFF NO ONE CARES ABOUT,” may not have you convinced on those words alone, but their releases speak for themselves. We last told you about Vaguess with a B-side output from the bedroom project that sounded rough and tumble in all the right ways. The project, which is helmed entirely by Vinny Earley, has a new full-length out that features Earley on all the instruments, and touching every nerve. Simpler Times encompasses more than just a slice of past remembrances—it is ripe with crude guitar skittering, buoyant lyricism, and energy packed tight within its garagey sound. A definitive highlight is “Sinkpisser,” a track that is overlayed with a grimy guitar solo, and has a hook so catchy that we'd be surprised if no one cared about it.

You can pick up a copy of the Simpler Times LP at Refry Records' Bandcamp.