Vanda, “Young For Life”

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Have you ever heard a song and been so stunned by the vocals that you stop in your tracks? Most days I multitask while listening to songs, but this one brought me to a standstill. Because Los Angeles-based electro-pop artist Vanda‘s voice is “something special”. “Young For Life” premieres exclusively here, now.

Beginning slowly with interesting sound effects and a very electric vibe, Vanda begins to sing delicately, displaying her range within the first few stances. The song builds up to a love ballad, not only the type of infatuation one might find with a significant other, but displaying her love and zest for life. It’s a lengthy, beautiful story of being alive. “Young For Life” is the perfect song to lend to the bittersweet end of summer, and to welcome each and every breath forward.

Young for Life is about being in love and invincible,” expands Vanda. “I think that you are capable of that nostalgic experience at any age. When you meet the right person, you are often reminded of your first love all over again.  Brad Dollar drove down from the bay to record this song in a Hollywood Hills Airbnb. It was my first time recording vocals 24 hours straight, on little sleep and whiskey. Turned out to be my favorite recording experience to date.”