Very early High Places demo

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We're never bored of singing the praises of Pukekos, and here's another reason. Along with offering up a very early demo from the band, BJ Rubin also had Rob Barber describe his thoughts upon re-listening to the thing in the present day. An excerpt:

We became really stoked on each other's solo projects, which were at that point, both in their infancy. We felt that even though they were seemingly really different, mine being loud maximal dense and obsessively layered, and Mary's being improvisation based, mostly acoustic, minimal and unamplified, that we for sure could make this work. A few months later after basically talking every night to the point falling asleep on the phone, Mary moved to NYC, and we became roomates. The objective was, lets go on tour together as our two solo bands.

Download it and read the whole thing here.