Vincent John, “Double Roulette”

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Vincent John has teamed with Impose to bring you the premiere of “Double Roulette”, the latest track from his upcoming debut EP Never Go Back and the song is a synthy ballad as cool as an evening beach breeze. John has brought his experience as guitarist for Lee Fields & the Expressions to his solo record, infusing the proceedings with soulful, seductive R & B as well as an authentically retro dance feel. There is a funky desperation and honesty to John’s vocals on “Double Roulette” that is reminiscent of some of the dreamiest of 80’s power pop ballads, in particular those of another renowned guitarist and vocalist: the Purple One himself, Prince.

“Double Roulette” also has an elegant construction with vocal layers delicately laid atop reverb tinged guitars and soulful electronic tones. This new wave soul structure adds a layer of gravitas to “Double Roulette”, its composition elevating the song to an experience, a world to long for and get lost in. With “Double Roulette”, Vincent John has shown he can convey emotion through catchy pop hooks, something he no doubt accomplishes on the rest of Never Go Back as he steps into a spotlight all his own.

Vincent himself had quite a bit to say about the track.

“Double Roulette” is about seeing a loved one’s struggle. It’s difficult to watch from the sidelines, perhaps, not knowing how to help and praying for brighter days to come. I wrote this song with Andrew Fox (Visuals, Domino). After taking the train to NYC from Philly, I met Andrew for the first time. We quickly struck-up a vibe, but were still strangers, which allowed a heightened level of candor during the lyric writing process. Double Roulette’s a special moment on the Never Go Back EP. It takes on a different perspective, lyrically, than the other songs as a subdued and reflective track, and remains hopeful up until the final moments of its California fade.

Never Go Back is set for an October 28 release. It is available for preorder here. You can follow Vincent John on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, and on his website at