Wei Zhongle’s Single “Peeping Tom” Gives Us a Peak Into Upcoming Album

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Peeping Tom

After several reincarnations (and 4 years of hard work and dedication in the name of music), Chicago-based Wei Zhongle is now ready to release another new mix tape for our eagerly awaiting ears. “Nice Mask Over An Ugly Face” will be out this summer on Pretty Purgatory, but we get a little taste of the new music magic a bit early with our premiere of their new track “Peeping Tom.”

The track begins with a very 60s vibe to it, transitioning into an incredible 3 minute and ten second track mastered with unique vocals by Rob Jacobs. The song can be interpreted in several different ways (After all, what are you to expect from a song titled “Peeping Tom?”), but Rob writes the music for the band and here’s what he said when he was asked about their latest track:

“Peeping Tom is about perception and the five senses. It looks at human bodies as if they are large houses that conceal the real person. Metaphorically, you might see a dim light coming through the window at night and be tempted to peer in and find out more about what is going on inside. Hence the title of the song. There are so many sensory filters in our bodies that determine how we mentally construct the outside world. In that sense we are all experiencing reality secondhand. It’s easy to forget that when two people look at the exact same apple they may see vastly different things. Everyone has a totally unique way of categorizing and perceiving reality.”

We like Wei Zhongle’s reality.

“Nice Mask Over An Ugly Face” will be released August 5th. Pre-orders can be placed here.

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