Getting hopelessly lost with When Saints Go Machine

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When Saints Go Machine, <i>Fail Forever</i>  (!K7)

As with the beginning of any year, there's always big talk about the next great band or who's gonna take things to the next level. When all is said and done come the end of 2011, expect Danish four-piece When Saints Go Machine to be left standing.

Their five-track EP drops at the end of the month and its title cut, “Fail Forever” has been making the rounds. It's the most moody earworm this side of Arthur Russell, with vocalist Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild's melancholy crooning amidst cellos swelling in the midst. Chances are this cut will perk your curiosity for the EP, and word has it that a full-length is on the way as well.

Fail Forever will be released January 31 on the !K7 label.