White Lung, “Snake Jaw”

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white lung

Canadian punk outfit White Lung are releasing their second single off the upcoming Deep Fantasy LP, a growling, impassioned pounder (c/o Mish Way's vocal racecar engine) called “Snake Jaw.” They released the first single, “Drown With The Monster,” in March, opening up the floor for some interest conversation about contrast in their sound.

Their second single is less barebones hardcore and more melodic post-hardcore, almost as if the two songs were written in different decades. Without any pretense, though, “Snake Jaw” speaks to the widespread issue of body dysmorphia and offers empowerment in its honesty. The track takes a strong point of view and is well-worth the early praise coming its way.

Deep Fantasy comes out June 17 via Domino Records, available for pre-order here. Stream the single below.