Wildera, "The Only"

Post Author: Kat Harding

Rusty Redden and Loren Moore, also known as Wildera, go way back. They grew up together in Dallas, Texas, both attended Berklee College of Music, traveled around Europe, and finally settled in L.A. Their longstanding relationship is reflected in the well-oiled machine that is their latest song “The Only.” From the start of the percussion to the deep bass line, every piece of the song fits together as an infectious pop song that should be turned way up.
The energetic tune was inspired by the crumbling of Rusty’s romantic relationship, where he said it got to the point where it was if “someone or something had died in the house and no one was acknowledging it.” He didn’t get the chance to say everything he wanted to her, and instead put it in an upbeat track to dance away any lingering sadness.
Time to move on and find someone better!

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