Wooter, Slow Burners I

Post Author: Ian Schneider
Ridgewood, NY natives Wooter have blessed us with an exclusive stream of their new EP Slow Burners IRowan Brind (Wooter) (Lead Guitar/Lead Vocals), Paul Truitt (Keys/Guitar/Harmonies), Ian McNally (Bass/Harmonies), and Sean Kiely (Drums), have curated a sound that is self-proclaimed “Rock with Jazz chords”.
The first word that comes to my mind while listening to this EP is “peaceful”. No matter which song is playing, there is a peaceful aspect to each one. Whether is the rolling synths, or the melodies, “peacefulness” is reflected in the Slow Burners I landscape.
Here is a little blurb from the band describing what went into the creation of Slow Burners I: “The album Slow Burners I was recorded at The Dekalb Palace in Ridgewood Queens. The album is entirely written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Rowan Brind a.k.a. Wooter. The sound of the album is in the title. This is a compilation (Part 1) of slow burning soothing grooves, the kind of music to ease yourself back into summer.”

For more on Wooter, you can visit their Facebook here, and you can listen to their tracks on Soundcloud.