Xander Harris, Snow Crash

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Xander Harris, Snow Crash

Producer Justin Sweatt, aka Xander Harris, has a knack for creating futuristic synth tunes reminiscent of 80s B-movie soundtracks. Xander Harris's latest is an album inspired by Neil Stephenson's early 90s, cyberpunk classic book Snow Crash in honor of its 20th anniversary. The album is intended to play like a soundtrack to the novel, capturing the anarchy of a cybernetic future Los Angeles.

Snow Crash features a heavy dose of mood music driven by the type of the dark synths you'd expect from Sweatt. It'll have your brain traveling everywhere from Space Mountain, to Light Cycle matches in TRON and playing Perfect Dark on N64 at 3 AM (you can relate, right?). Track “Rife With Yours Truly” (a reference to the book character Yours Truly), hits like the soundtrack's very own “Chariots of Fire”, where it's avatars running the 400 meter instead.

Brought to you by the good folks at Mishka, head into the Metaverse and cop the free download via Bandcamp.

Xander Harris – Snow Crash (Free Download)