Yalls, “Warlords”

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Dan Casey, solo artist, and primary controller behind the project Yalls revealed his latest single, “Warlords”, carving out a digital cause for clashing coalitions of the willing. Coming in early May from Gold Robot Records, United brings together a series of visions from one of the Bay's most beloved producers and songwriters.

The synth choices on “Warlords” elicit the sound of the East Bay electronic underground. Amongst local producer contemporaries like Shortcircles, James & Evander, Parentz, Friendzone, and more; Yalls continues to show us the continental shift happening in the west coast with the sound of continental and oceanic drifts. On any song or track from Dan Casey, every note tells a different part of the story, no matter how sparse the arrangement may be. Whether Casey is armed with just an acoustic guitar and a drum machine or a full arsenal of instruments, consoles and toys; every sounds is meant and intended as a piece of a larger, and always inclusive puzzle. “Warlords” might be a ballad of digitized battles, but it is intended to unite the ears and minds of all who choose to listen.

Once again, Yalls' Dan Casey shared some notes on all the latest developments with the upcoming album, United, solo-songwriter works, production insights, and more.

When we talked last you had hinted at this upcoming album, United. Can you let us in on your process of arranging, composing, and writing for this long awaited full-length?

Yalls songs are more about impulse, repetition, & experimentation. DC songs are like singer/songwriter.

As someone who has also entertained their inner tune-smith and singer-songwriter, how do you separate your work for Dan Casey and for Yalls? What else do you have in store under your solo moniker? That Ceremony Recordings disc is beautiful, “Empty City” does capture this feeling of experience these hollowed out places/spaces….I guess kind of like that one Will Smith film where he's at Grand Central Station but there is no traffic, or anyone…that kind of alone feeling.

Still writing DC songs but those come to me slowly. Empty City took a long time.

“Warlords” has elements to it that sound like video games from the future, or the music you hear before you get to the big boss. Where there any kind of lords or masters of war that inspired this song?

Hmm, no video game influence when writing that but I do love games. I feel I also love arrpegiating synths, which happens a lot in classic video game soundtracks I feel.

What's currently in your rotation these days?

Haven't listened to a lot lately, mostly just Stars of The Lid.

Yalls' album United will be available May 6 from Gold Robot Records.