Yoko Ono to release dance remixes of her work

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When you can't do it yourself, employ others to do it for you. That seems to be Yoko Ono's motto these days. No offense to our 5th anniversary issue's cover artist, but she seems to be riding a recent wave of contemporary indie greatness on the shoulders of other artists. Like her most recent release, Yes I'm A Witch – in which she employed the likes of Antony and Cat Power to re-work her songs, she will release a dance album doing the same with some of the best contemporary DJs and electronic music innovators.

She is set to release the album, entitled Open Your Box (referring to her catalog we hope), on April 24th and will feature remixes by the Pet Shop Boys, Danny Tenaglia, Basement Jaxx, Murk, Felix Da Housecat, Morel, Bimbo Jones, DJ Dan and Peter Rauhofer. In her defense, she has always been on the cutting edge of independent music, and it makes perfect sense to have her work with today's independent musicians to provide a comfortable outlet for her often times uncomfortable music (although re-mixing “Give Peace a Chance” might be taking it a bit too far). Ironically, you never used to think of Yoko's music as “dance”, but as she is quoted as saying; “Music is an important thing … but when you start to dance, the feelings carry this incredibly powerful energy.” And with that in mind her camp calls Open Your Box an uninhibited offering, inviting listeners to liberate themselves, and open their minds and ears, while (I feel one more sexual pun coming) diving into her irresistible “box” of musical surprises. Needless to say, we're intrigued and are looking forward to hearing it.

Open Your Box Tracklisting

“You're the One” / Bimbo Jones Main Mix
“Everyman Everywoman” / Basement Jaxx Classic Mix
“Walking On Thin Ice” / Felix Da Housecat's Tribute Mix
“Hell In Paradise” / Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction Mix
“Give Me Something” / Morel’s Pink Noise Vocal Mix
“Walking On Thin Ice” / Pet Shop Boys Electro Mix
“I Don’t Know Why” / Sapphirecut Mix
“Yang Yang” / Orange Factory Down & Dirty Mix
“Will I” / John Creamer & Stephan K Mix
“Everyman Everywoman” / Murk Space Mix
“Kiss Kiss Kiss” / Superchumbo Main Mix
“Open Your Box” / Orange Factory Club Mix
“Walking On Thin Ice” / Danny Tenaglia Walked Across The Lake Mix
“Give Peace A Chance” / DJ Dan Vocal Mix