Yumi Zouma, “The People’s Princess Mix”

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Since the first coverage of Yumi Zouma on Impose, there’s been an intangible aura not just in the group’s music, but to all that encompasses the Yumi Zouma world. Division across three continents does not stifle the group’s ability to convey confidence and transparency within their songwriting and those same qualities remain when the group discuss their craft. As the lyrics in “Sålka Gets Her Hopes Up” go, “I’ll always give it to you honest / I’ll try to solve your every problem.” Yumi Zouma are a group that stands in your corner when you put the needle to their record.

Yumi Zouma’s want us to believe in something like we’re 15 again. It is with this ringside coach philosophy in mind that Yumi Zouma curated the “The People’s Princess Mix”. From the launch of Fort Romeau’s “Her Dream”, Yumi Zouma are countering the doldrums and rewiring our response to the buzz of the a.m. alarm clock. Like a poem I read recently by Franki Elliot that begins “I quit my job today… in fact, everyone quit their job today” and after a series of stanzas detailing cosmic shifts it arrives at “but something is going on, it’s time, our time, for new beginnings,” yes like those words about 2015,  Yumi Zouma want us to know things can always be different and quite possibly are different now. We just have to reset our internal selves to process what it means to be alive in 2015. Good morning.

Yumi Zouma offered the following words of comfort:

Every day this week you’ve gone to bed determined that tomorrow will be different. You’re going to wake up early. The 7.30 alarms not just for show. There will be no tapping for snooze tomorrow. It only takes you 10 minutes to get ready and 20 to walk to work but you want that extra 30 tomorrow morning. You’re going to start by reading the paper and having a long breakfast. You will be calm and calmed from not being in a rush.

But tonight it’s Friday and you’re alive with the prospect of tomorrow. A tomorrow where you don’t need an alarm. You don’t even have to wake up if you don’t want to. You have no where to be except where you want to go.

Enjoy your uninterrupted time off. Monday you will start again. The weekend belongs to you.

One love brothers and sisters enjoy our mix.

Yumi Zouma 🙂

“The People’s Princess” Tracklisting:
01 Fort Romeau, “Her Dream”
02 Paradis, “Je m’ennuie”
03 Brian Eno, “Above Chiangmai”
04 Red 7, “I Lost My Shoes On Acid (Onnemix)”
05 Boya, “Thats Us”
06 Ströer Duo & Howard Fine, “Nomad Song”
07 Anthony Naples, “Mad Disrespect”
08 Leon Vynehall, “St Sinclair”
09 Grouper, “Alien Observer”

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