Yves Tumor – “Applaud” (feat. Hirakish & Napolian)

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Experimental electronica star stuns again with new eye-popping, Gia Coppola-directed video

Yves Tumor has become one of the most prolific producers over the last couple of years, with his chameleonic approach to electronic, neo-soul, and experimental pop styles culminating in the stunning 2018 LP Safe in the Hands of Love, one of the best albums of last year. Now the Miami-born, Turin, Italy-based musician has teamed up with Hirakish and Napolian for the slithery new hit “Applaud,” along with a stylishly eye-popping music video directed by Gia Coppola.

“Applaud” is the sort of quirky, experimental, electro-psych groove that Yves Tumor has made his bread and butter. Over simmering trip-hop beats, glitchy production, and echoey samples, Tumor’s soulful croon floats with a trippy, dazed affect, full of sultry energy and ominous moods. It’s another shapeshifting track from him that expresses his most basest desires: physical attention, emotional devotion, and a need for salvation from suffering.

Coppola – the wunderkind director of the breakout 2013 indie film Palo Alto and daughter of the legendary Francis Ford Coppola – helms the track’s clip with deft visual aplomb. Here, a dapper Tumor lounges in an intoxicating, hazy space peppered with spirally visual motifs and sexy party vibes. It’s a lush, mesmerizing collage full of smoky cinematography, neon colors, and shady personalities – a perfect marriage of audio and visuals. Check it out below.