Zo! & Dornik, “Lifelines”

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Zo! Lifelines

Earlier this month, Foreign Exchange member Zo! released “Lifelines”, a glorious collaboration between he and London singer Dornik that is the first single from his upcoming Skybreak LP. Dornik is a self-described purveyor of “electronic soul,” but it’s a good thing he met Zo! halfway on “Lifelines”. The song is a pleasant sonic compromise, with Zo!’s rosy, optimistic production striking a pleasant balance with Dornik’s delicate vocals.

As Dornik revels in the high of a fruitful romance, Zo!’s euphoric synths augment his gleeful tone. Whereas ambient, cloudy drums could’ve colored Dornik’s grateful lyrics with a pretentious air, Zo’s crisp, jutting drum pattern keeps the track grounded. Once Phonte drops by for his guest verse, noting “as long as you live within I will never go without,” the track takes the shape of a modern take on mid-90’s Hip-Hop Soul.

Skybreak is due out May 20. You can stream “Lifelines” below.