Zomby, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Vampire Weekend

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Slurp up the eye porridge before it gets cold.

Zomby, “Aquarium”

Directed by Piotr Kamle. Galaxes colliding or deep sea organisms making babies, the sites and the sounds are Zomby moving away from the scuzzy dance music he's put out in the past, looking instead for inspiration from arrhythmic synth excursions of Klaus Schulze.

Matt and Kim, “Daylight” (Ninjasonik remix)

This one's definitely getting cold, but wait for the kicker, it doesn't come until the very end of a remix video so budget that it doesn't even remove the source audio from the video footage.

Charlotte Gainsbourg “Heaven Can Wait” (Feat. Beck)

Bombs stamped with the word “nachos,” plenty of face masks, Charlotte Gainsbourg looking really hot. This may be the most literal interpretation they could think of for the chorus “somewhere between what you need and what you know,” because we all need breakfast cereal in our bathtubs, but maybe we haven't tried Fruity Pebbles yet.

Animal Collective, “In the Flowers”

Directed by Abby Portner Filmed and Edited by Joey Gallagher Animation by Dan Boujoulian. Ms. Portner is Avey Tare's sister and plays in Rings. While the skeleton puppets are fun and the self-tying shoelaces are a nice Svankmajer reference, what's with the bearded guy who looks like a tattoo salon employee who takes up half this video and stares in the mirror a bunch? Maybe Abby Portner's boyfriend?

Vampire Weekend, “Cousins”

Directed by Garth Jennings. A premise as catchy as the chorus for our favorite Vampire Weekend song. Wait for the fake furry arm.