Airbird & Napolian plan collaborative album

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In 2013 Airbird & Napolian collaborated on “In The Zone” with Erika Spring, the now two year old Soundcloud link reads “full length on track for 2015.” With three months remaining, the duo did not let us down on that promise with the forthcoming Mr. Foolish LP.

Individually a great deal transpired for Airbird and Napolian. Outside of his Airbird alias, producer Joel Ford most recently collaborated with Leanne Macomber as Young Ejecta for his label Driftless Recordings and contributed to Autre Ne Veut’s sophomore album Anxiety as part of his Ford & Lopatin producer credit (with Daniel Lopatin, aka Oneohtrix Point Never). As for Napolian, he followed up his Rejoice EP (which Ford helped produce) on Software with a full length in 2014 entitled Incursio. Secretly the bicoastal producers toiled with their debut, Mr. Foolish.

Second single, “Only You” navigates their respective home fronts equally. There’s the glitz of synths that became LA zeitgeist since the Drive Soundtrack stacked against the New York house underground. Both producers know the consequences of mishandling these tropes and navigate their respective terrains with a locals only understanding that cooly subverts the mass transit routes.

Mr. Foolish is out November 13 and is available for vinyl preorder at Cascine.