Al Massrieen's Longa 79 Gets a Re-Release With Habibi Funk

Post Author: Anna Selle

The Egyptian funk band Al Massrieen, most popular in the 1970s finds, new life on a recent re-release with Habibi Funk Records, including the band’s first vinyl pressings. Al Massrieen’s Longa 79 is one of a long list of Arabic albums that Habibi Funk’s Jannis Sturtz has brought into the twenty first century. Struck by the collection’s versatility – from disco to psych rock to jazz-inspired tracks – Sturtz claims this album as a personal favorite. And we can see why, as its tracks bring you into another world with their robust, beautiful instrumentals.
Stream Longa 79 in its entirety here, and get in touch with a side of music that’s been long neglected in the American market.