Alice Glass Ends Crystal Castles

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Alice Glass, the frenetic lead singer of Crystal Castles, just announced that she’s leaving the electro noise pop duo. In a post on her public Facebook page, Glass cited “a multitude of reasons, personal and professional” for why she no longer felt she could create genuine, empathetic music “within CC.” Glass did express, quite directly and unsurprisingly, that she will embark on a solo career. It had seemed for some time that the two minds behind Crystal Castles have been working separately. Both Glass and CC founder, Ethan Kath, had recently been performing more often as solo DJs than together as Crystal Castles. They hadn’t released new music since their third self-titled album in 2012.

Ethan Kath, the producer/multi-instrumentalist who founded Crystal Castles, has yet to comment on the announcement. Dubbed the “genius” behind CC by Hipster Runoff Czar and OG CC fanboy Carles, Kath started Crystal Castles as a solo project in 2003 before meeting Glass in 2005.

Take a moment to honor/dance out the feels about the electro thrash pop pioneers’ demise. You can stream the remix of “Crime Wave” below.