Andy Stott announces Faith In Strangers

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Two years removed from the release of Andy Stott’s Luxury Problems, it feels as though we’re still not prepared to digest another record. Stott’s avant garde approach to minimalist techno and dub has pushed him so far beyond the pale he radiates pure light with each release and after listening to his latest single “Violence”, it’s apparent we are still in the wake of his speed.

“Violence”, which features guest vocals by Alison Skidmore, is taken from Stott’s upcoming Faith In Strangers album. Frozen and industrial, Stott’s textures walk the line of scholarly and brute. While the notes given on Faith In Strangers suggests an accessibility in the touch tones, the calculated aggression in “Violence” is unlike what we’ve come to expect from Stott. It is an awakening and it’s downright terrifying.

Andy Stott’s Faith In Strangers is out November 18 on Modern Love.

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