Discussing the Big Snow Buffalo Lodge shooting with Dale Eisinger

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While Impose was out of town for Comic-Con and Pitchfork Fest, word spread that Big Snow Buffalo Lodge, the beloved Brooklyn DIY space, had abruptly closed after a shooting outside of the building. On Impose's weekly radio show, Nothing Urgent on The Heritage Radio Network, founder Derek Evers caught up with Dale Eisinger, one of our writers who has been covering the upsetting events for The Village Voice. In the conversation, the pair discuss the venue, its roots in the DIY community, and the unraveling of the shooting that shattered co-owner Yoni David's left arm on July 17, instigating the decision to close the venue for good.

“No one goes into situations at DIY venues where they think they are going to have a conflict with the outside world. It's generally a very insular experience.”—Dale Eisinger

You can stream the full episode at this link, then tune in every week on Wednesdays at 6:30 for more probing interviews, pleasant conversation, and the occasional fart joke.