B.O.B. sorta gets at Odd Future, only sorta

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We're with Tyler on the latest B.O.B. track making the rounds titled “No Future”.

On “No Future” B.O.B. asks who he's battling, but dodges the details, making it seem as though he's not certain who he's battling either. One thing is certain, B.O.B. is battling rookie pussies. For a pop wonder boy who's enjoyed the comfortable success of “Airplanes” and “Nothin' On You”, “No Future” addresses any hater who's fronting on his varsity status and mic skills.

Oddly enough, hating on B.O.B. for his two pop hits is not limited to the OFWGKTA crew. So until B.O.B. grabs his sack and says “Fuck Odd Future” on a track with Bruno Mars this is just a common case of a rapper gone pop star, who's out to remind the world, more specifically the streets (yo!), he can still “go in” when provoked. So umm… who cares?

B.O.B., “No Future”