Burnt Ones, “Fountain of Youth”

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Burnt Ones

San Francisco garage-rock trio Burnt Ones will release their full length You'll Never Walk Alone on Burger Records. The album is a follow up to the recently released song “Strawberry Tomb” that the band contributed to the Flex II: Son of Flex compilation that came out last month on Castle Face Records.

The first single off the new record will get your feet stomping and your head bopping. “Fountain of Youth” is mellow and upbeat all at once. There's something surfy about the dreamy harmonies that come over the top, catchy and sugary in a way that will have you floating down the coast towards warmer and sunnier times. But the grungy guitars and driving drums tug you right back, getting you up out of your chair and dancing through the bay-area fog. It's almost pop, but then it's too gritty for that, the fuzzy tone conjuring up images of dingy dive-bars in middle-of-nowhere towns.

The Indianapolis transplants self-recorded You'll Never Walk Alone on quarter-inch tape, infusing it a more intimate feel that seems to fit with the personal direction singer Mark Tester has taken with his lyrics. The band released its first full-length, Black Teeth, Golden Tongues, on Roaring Colonel almost three years ago, thrown together within a week at the recording studio. After spending more than fifteen months writing and recording this sophomore release, Burnt Ones have finally honed their sound, building songs that are thoughtful and full of zeal.

You'll Never Walk Alone is due out April 30 on Burger Records.