Cough Cool, “Cross”

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Philadelphia based Dan Svizeny is the man behind Cough Cool. He tells me he’s been listening to a lot of Elvis lately. And if influences actually influence anything, I’d say the new track sounds like the aftermath of a monotone Presley getting dumped by Cybil Shepherd. The squeaky beat machine and sparse strumming between soughed lyrics create about enough tension to make tears dribble down your chubby cheeks. “Cross” is a cut from the upcoming album, 29, set for release in early 2013.

Can we expect more twisted sad songs on the forthcoming record?

“The record will be a little more upbeat than lately, but not that much,” says Svizeny.

Cough Cool started up in 2009, growing alongside the Asheville NC based label, Bathetic Records. And if you need more Cough Cool to get you through the end of the year, the Rarities cassette is now available for purchase, with hunks of lo-fi chunks dating back from the Myspace days til now.

Stream “Cross” below.