Stream Crying’s “War of Attrition”

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It’s hard for me to resist taking the opportunity to write about Crying as an invitation to cram as many exclamation points as I can into one post. It just seems like each new Crying track is even better than the last, which is probably an effect of the astounding energy and originality of these Purchase, NY power-poppers’ sound. In the wake of the frenzied “Batang Killjoy”, the latest single from their forthcoming EP feels a little darker in tone, but definitely not want for energy.

“War of Attrition” starts out with Crying’s signature setup—chunky, distorted guitars below a shower of bleeps and bloops. This track in particular has a wild overflow of electronic sounds, including the precise overlaying of 8-bit and guitar, which Crying makes sound completely natural—like Game Boy solos are the guitar tapping of 2014 (via 1989). The excess of electronica makes the isolated proggy guitar solo midway through the song stand out, though the driving percussion and crunch of the rhythm guitars ensure that it’s not quite a comedown. All the while, the trio makes apparent their expertise in offsetting playfulness with introspection. There’s a balance to the frantic pace of instrumentation in singer Elaiza Santos’ softly voiced lyrics, like the recurring line “Make a move, or should I just keep quiet again?” As quickly as it started, it’s game over, and we’re left with just the buzz of that resounding question.

You can stream “War of Attrition” over at NPR. Get Olde / Second Wind, which compiles Crying’s first EP with six brand new tracks, will be out November 18 via Run for Cover Records.