Debacle Fest 2014 set to take over Seattle

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Beloved-everywhere record label Debacle Records is ringing in Summer 2014 with their annual music festical in Seattle, Washington. Festivities get going Friday, May 30 at Capitol Hill boutique gallery Cairo (507 E Mercer St) with a few small performances. Then, Saturday, May 31, the whole event explodes onto three different stages, with concurrent performances from the likes of Dull Knife, Brain Fruit, Black Hat, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, and L.A. Lungs. Local food trucks and other snackable options will pepper the fest landscape throughout the event, day and night. On Saturday afternoon, a handful of Seattle-based experimental labels will be sharing the stage with out-of-town participants. For a look back at previous Debacle Fests, check here.

More details for this year's fest here. Check out the full lineup below:

Total Life
Danny Paul Grody
Golden Retriever
Sutekh Hexen
Common Eider, King Eider
Black Hat
Gabriel Mindel Saloman (ex-Yellow Swans)
Spectrum Control (Dewey Mahood of Plankton Wat/Eternal Tapestry)
Gordon Ashworth (ex-Concern, Oscillating Innards)
Secret Pyramid
Dull Knife
Garek Druss (Story of Rats, Dull Knife)
Brain Fruit
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer
Dialing In
LIMITS (Jason Anderson of Draft/Gift Tapes)
King Tears Bat Trip
L.A. Lungs
New Weather
Pink Void
RM Francis
Timm Mason (Mood Organ, Midday Veil)
Ecstatic Cosmic Union
Marcus Price
Chris Davis (Brain Fruit)
Slow Drips