Definitive Jux hiatus

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Rumors buzzed around the internet for the past month and last night El-P made it official: Definitive Jux is on hiatus. Sux yo.

El-P wrote a hella lengthy letter titled “Of Hooptys and Hovercrafts,” which should be a song title, not a break-up letter. In it he explains his intentions to focus on being an artist and producer, letting the office business of Definitive Jux fall into stagnancy. Not much of a jaw-dropper considering Definitive Jux's release schedule slimmed to its core artists (Cage and Aesop Rock) being the last to drop product, one of which is nearly three years old, the other a July of last year release. Our guess is the next Cage album will be on Epitaph.

All hope is not lost though for the Camu Tao posthumous album King Of Hearts. It will be the final record before the hiatus, in which El-P said he “can't think of a better time or, with the eventual release of Camu's
record, a more poetic way to transition into a new direction.”

With all this said, labels better scoop up Cool Calm Pete, Rob Sonic and Despot with a quickness and get their long-postponed records out to us this year. We've been sick of waiting and this announcement is a relief comparable to the subsiding of constipation. In other words, drop that shit!