Don Giovanni announces
Faye Orlove art book, Shrine

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It’s about time that someone published a book of Faye Orlove’s illustrations, and we can’t think of a  better group to do so than Don Giovanni, one of our favorite record labels. If Orlove’s name does not immediately ring a bell, you have undoubtedly encountered her work in some medium: her black and white drawings over at The Media (where she’s a co-editor and creative director), her music videos for bands like Slutever and Potty Mouth, her insane pop culture GIFs, her multi-media portraits…the list goes on and on. Orlove’s first book of illustrations is titled Shrine and appropriately focuses on the ideas of worship, idolatry, and pop culture. The collection of illustrations features an introduction by Impose’s Liz Pelly.

There will be a release party for Shrine at L.A.’s Gal Palace featuring cover sets by Ali Koehler (Upset), Mish Way (White Lung), Colleen Green, Nicole Snyder (Slutever), Rachel Levy (R.L. Kelly) and more. Shrine can be pre-ordered through Don Giovanni before it’s February 1 release date. It’s available as a paperback book and as a signed limited edition, which comes with a button, a print, and an original sketch.