El-P Announces Winner of “Pokeman Rapping” Contest

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Last weekend, El-P decided to voice his annoyance with the Pokemon Go App on Twitter. The Run The Jewels producer was one of the seemingly few that wasn’t enthralled by the prospect of weaving through incoming traffic to catch a rabid Hitmonchan, noting that someone was bound to be “accidentally killed or maimed“ while playing. After catching “more negative feedback from the Pokemon community than Trump supporters,” El-P offered a mea culpa via a stumbling freestyle about “Pokeman” and being a part of the “community.”

He offered another olive branch, promising a T-shirt and hoodie to whoever crafted the best remix of his awkward acapella. Yesterday, El-P announced that producer Kid Cozy won the contest with his “Pokeman Rappin Remix.”

The minimalist track’s moody keys are thisclose to seeming too serious for the moment, before the El-P sample chimes in, “I like Pokeman, you like Pokeman!”

Cozy’s soundcloud notes that he’s a Scottish “Grime and Trap producer,” though the “Pokeman” track is the only song on his profile so far.

For now, El-P was able to quell the wrath of a tech-savvy fanbase and had a bit of social media fun while doing it. Disaster was averted…until someone is accidentally killed or maimed playing the game and he tweets, “I told you so.”

You can listen to Kip Cozy’s hoodie-winning song below.