Ellie Herring shares “Why’d You” single + video

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Ellie Herring

Kentucky bae Ellie Herring has long been a favorite of ours, and her new output sees the prolific producer continuing to expand her digital footprint with ever-engaging techniques. Case in point: “Why’d You”, Ellie’s latest single, the A-Side to her forthcoming two-track EP, is one of the few to utilize her own voice. As we’ve witnessed, it’s not unusual for Ellie to contribute vocally. Still, producing a track around her own vocals has given her room to expand sonically. As she explained to Pigeons & Planes:

“Why’d You” started out as a little production attempt in using my own voice instead of finding a sample that I could manipulate into a track. Most of the time I get stuck in sampling land and I stay there for wayyy too long. Ditching that really freed me up to work on other elements of the track.

Also evident in her recent material, including the B-Side to the single, “Maze”, there’s a new sugary element to Ellie’s pop; this time infusing club-ready beats, harkening her (for now) digital-only single back to the time when a 12″ A-Side meant something to a house DJ. Let the rhythm hit ’em.

The “Why’d You” b/w “Maze” single is out November 6 on Race Car Productions. You can stream and watch the new video for “Why’d You Below”, and read out feature profile, Ellie Herring Walks Through The Internet, here.