Total Punk celebrates fifth anniversary with new Foster Care LP

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Foster Care sterilization

There are a lot of interpretations of the word “punk,” but it reaches total punk when you give the finger to the industry release day of Friday and drop your newest record on old-school Tuesday.

It’s been four years all told since New York’s Foster Care put out their Bad Vibe City debut, a record that lived up to its name in aggression and anger. Apparently, they haven’t calmed down in the years since, as their new LP, Sterilization, epitomizes the band’s further disenfranchisement. According to bassist Jesse Crawford, “the whole record is a lot angrier,” and the first two singles would seem to illustrate this. Clocking in at a mere 24-minutes, Sterilization is a full-on assault, as the band and singer Chris Teenager refuse to take a moment off.

The release of Sterilization also comes five years after Floridas Dying‘s Rich Evans launched the subsidiary label Total Punk.

Sterilization is available now. You can stream two tracks, “Solo Tryst” and “Sick Of It (Are You)”, below.