Grasshopper announce Dark Sabbath: Symbols of Evil

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New York avant noise makers Jesse DeRosa and Josh Millrod of Grasshopper have announced Dark Sabbath: Symbols of Evil, their third record and first LP with label Hausu Mountain out on November 11. The duo has also shared the seven-minute creeper “Inverted Cross of Satanic Justice”, which you can check out below.

The song is a harbinger, alluding to a pitch-black and foreboding netherworld that rumbles below frequencies their previous cassette releases could not handle. Here, the syths blare like jackhammers digging into pavement, swirling about in the river of Styx, though their horns bellow waves of heavenly light, brightening even the most blackened corners of Grasshopper’s clouded wasteland, all of which marks a darker and more stylized upgrade on their forthcoming release.