Hellfyre Club screening Chewing documentary

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In support of the Dorner vs Tookie compilation, Nocando, Open Mike Eagle, Busdriver, and milo took to the road as Hellfyre Club. The art rap collective documented the misadventures and minutiae of their road trip with the help of WC Tank, who filmed along the way.

On January 15 Hellfyre Club will hold a special screening of the tour documentary, Chewing, in Los Angeles at Cinefamily. Watch as milo eats microwave mac & cheese in a van on an unknown highway. Marvel at one of the tours culminating moments at our Imposition Showcase at The Grackle in Austin, TX, in which there was nary a moment without crowd surfing (view footage captured by our sponsors Incite Out). Fireworks, desert madness, and pitstops at gentlemen’s clubs all look to have kept the travel lively for Hellfyre Club.

The screening will feature DJ/beat sets by VerBS, Kenny Segal, Nocando, Busdriver, and Scallops Hotel.

Preview the documentary below:

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