Is LCD Soundsystem's last show a defining New York moment?

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james murphy

Does it signal the end of any particular eras when LCD Soundsystem headlines Madison Square Garden?

Was the James Murphy persona emblematic of a state of mind — of aging hipsters in a city with nothing going for it but nostalgia, perhaps?

Whose charisma will charm a legion of mainstream fans into believing in New York's dance tradition, after Murphy's shadow recedes? Will his absence make it easier to look forward, now that there's no figurehead amping the past?

Will he leave a hole that the DFA family can't fill with half a dozen Hot Chips?

Or was LCD Soundsystem just the reminder, circa “Daft Punk Is Playing At My House”, of a template that had been gathering dust for decade and will return again soon enough?

Did the band's three main LPs transcend nostalgia for early post-punk and disco and actually influence a changing New York? Or was it all kind of a recursive practice for critics and fans hungry to experience a mythic music past for themselves?

Basically… how many Madison Square Garden goers will show up early for Liquid Liquid?

No answers April 2 at Madison Square Garden, just a whole lot of LCD Soundsystem. And the hope (from the band) that you will dress in black and white.