Jerome LOL and Samo Sound Boy return as DJ Dodger Stadium

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DJ Dodger Stadium

While Jerome LOL entered larger notoreity for his LOL Boys project with Markus Garcia in 2012, he was already the founder of a collective called Body High with partner Samo Sound Boy a year prior. Jerome LOL's ascension as a solo performer carries on the LOL name, but before all the world tours and coveted remix collections he was one half of DJ Dodger Stadium with Samo. Body High began as a platform for DJ Dodger Stadium's 2011 EP, Stadium Status.

In July DJ Dodger Stadum will reunite for the release of Friend Of Mine on Body High. Friend of Mine will be the first full length release on Body High, a long-playing celebration of the progress made by Jerome LOL and Sam Sound Boy in only two year's time. On lead single “Love Songs” the duo rev into a spiritual build off the mantra, “lately I've been singing love songs by myself”. The mantra escalates above drum rolls that sounds as though they were lifted by 90s Snap records, and a piercing white noise that sustains the rhythmic center. It embodies what we've come to expect from the collective—particularly when Jerome LOL is involved—, anthems that exist for a youth cult that responds the universal rather than the orthodox.

DJ Dodger Stadium's Friend of Mine is out July 8 on Body High.